Reach the vulnerable and give care and hope to those suffering.

True health and wellness is physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Unfortunately, behavioral health is seen as separate – it is misunderstood. Individuals struggling with mood, anxiety and/or substance use disorders are often unable or afraid to seek the necessary treatment. Everyone is impacted whether personally or through witnessing the struggle of friends, family or colleagues. Everyone could benefit from Hope. Everyone has the opportunity to have an impact—to Give Hope.


Increasing access to behavioral health services

We’ve increased the number of inpatient beds by 50%, increased our Partial Hospital Program capacity by 100%, and established an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program for substance use disorders.

Assuring supportive after care

Patients who’ve been through our treatment services are encouraged to participate in programs that are designed to support them in managing their conditions as they pursue lives not defined by their illness.

Leading community collaborations

We are proud to be partnering with 32 community, health and social service organizations working together to improve outreach, access and care coordination for individuals who are struggling and need supportive treatment. The Greater Nashua IDN is part of a statewide program that is a model for the nation.

Bringing behavioral health into primary care

Our primary care providers routinely screen pages of all ages for behavioral issues, and work with dedicated behavioral health specialists who are part of the patient care team. With early detection, we can often treat issues before they lead to substance use disorders.

Advocating for coverage of mental health services

We continue engage with local, state and federal legislators who shape policies that impact the health and well-being of our community, and most critically, be a voice on behalf of those in the grip of mental and behavioral health crisis.

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Our programs and services transform the way we care for those with mental health and substance use disorders.